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So, while walking everywhere will certainly keep you fit, it will also eat up a lot of time—time that could be spent praying, for example.Hence, in most Amish communities, you will see bearded folk zooming about their farms on bicycles.This means the off-the-grid Amish are free to use them.However, those used by the Amish are not the whirring white monoliths with a million dials strewn across the top.You would think that the Amish wouldn’t really have much use for a fridge, but in 1969, the milk companies required the Amish to cool their milk in large, refrigerated bulk tanks rather than their rustic milk cans.To resolve this power dilemma, the Bishops of Lancaster Amish allowed these bulk tanks to have refrigeration units.” The Amish are not allowed to own automobiles, and that is a rule they adhere to across all communities.

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Farms are big places, especially when you don’t have a pickup truck or tractor to hop on.

Though they may opt for the horse-drawn buggy over the convenience of a car, you may be surprised by the cell phones clipped to their belts and the sunglasses shielding their eyes as they cruise down the highways of Pennsylvania.

Try as they might to stave off the modern society, due to certain laws and the almighty power of money, the Amish have had to adapt in order to survive in the cutthroat world of the 21st century.

They’re free to hop on trains and buses, even hiring taxis if necessary.

The use of public transport is reserved for necessary business (including “important social events such as weddings, funerals, barn-raisings, and auctions”), with frivolous trips being highly discouraged.

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