Britta and troy dating who jesse mccartney dating 2016

I get why the show ultimately ended Troy and Britta's romance, and in this way—but now I just wish there were moments that made the story feel earned as opposed to an implicit apology.Elsewhere in the episode, Jim Rash (who also wrote it, btw) simply slayed as Dean Pelton tried to make a body swap happen with Jeff.The Dean's actions underscored the goofiness of the entire story, but also reflected just how badly he wants some kind of connection to Jeff.Rash did a pretty solid Joel Mc Hale impression, and his ability to commit to it made it more entertaining than it probably had any business being.But with all that in mind, it was a little tough for me to fully enjoy the A-story in "Basic Human Anatomy," which involved Abed helping Troy "fake" a round of body-swapping hijinks so that he could break up with Britta.

There was something missing between the initial coupling and the break-up, and although I liked big chunks of the story, as silly as it was at times, I can't fully buy the conclusion of it for that very reason.In fact, the show pretty quickly turned into the skid by making mild jokes about Troy's relationship with Abed taking precedence over his relationship with Britta, and that's all fine and good.We all know that Troy and Abed are this show's forever 'ship.Troy and Britta never had much will-they-or-won't-they, which is what I initially enjoyed about their relationship.Nevertheless, since they've been a couple, Community has truly failed to convince me of why they've stayed together, or even that there are things they enjoy about one another, other than sex and discussions about chips (which, to be fair, are two valuable things to care about).

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