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In a paper to be delivered at the British Sociological Association’s annual conference in Leeds today, Dr Bartram analysed survey data on 265 migrants from Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, France, and 73 from the UK, who resettled in the Mediterranean countries.When asked how happy they were on a scale of 0-10, the migrants scored 7.3 on average, compared with the average of 7.5 for 56,000 people studied who had remained in the northern countries.However our inability to adapt to the language and culture of these sunkissed new homes means the search for a better lifestyle has made British migrants unhappier.Dr David Bartram, of the University of Leicester, said that migrants from the UK and five other northern European countries who went to Spain, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus were less happy than people who stayed behind.Some theories predict that this would make them happier because they had higher status.However, Dr Bartram had found the reverse, perhaps because “migration itself can be disruptive to other dimensions of people’s lives – social ties, sense of belonging – possibly with consequences for their happiness”.But Britons who chase the sun and migrate to the Mediterranean are actually less happy than if they had stayed at home, an academic study has found.Almost 3,000 Britons move abroad each week, with around five million now living outside the UK.

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They felt excluded from workplace banter and local community networks because of a British reluctance to learn foreign languages and integrate, Dr Bartram suggested.There is quite a small strip of flat plain all along the coast. The main road along the coast is the A7 (also known as N340). The speed limit on the A7 varies between 80 km/hour and 120 km/hour.Inland from the A7 there is a much newer highway - the AP7.Of course not all clubs/courses have been equally affected. The ones that were wildly over-optimistic and greedy have suffered a lot.Quitting the daily grind for a new life on the Costa del Sol might seem a tempting option.

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