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This was such sweet surprise to read, I can't wait for Cody and Nikolai and for Marcus, Kurt, and Teddy. Jay especially, had a really elaborate and meaty back story. Marcus was the older brother type that I want to have in real life. Who guess he became a humor spark in near end bickering of Harry and Robert? I need to know more of other characters, Harry and Robert are no exception [NB: this is my way of saying "I want others! He plans on surprising his boyfriend with a trip to Ireland.

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Bates did the slow reveal of Luke and Jay's history, which ramped up the anticipation as well as interest level, probably a key factor as to why I remained attuned to the contents rather than keeping an eye out for typos!The way they rely on each other was heart warming and the text messages going back and forth cracked me up more often than not. 4.5 stars For me, slice of life - romance story like this storyline and side character(s) are the keys. He plans on surprising his boyfriend with a trip to Ireland.He know that he is a workaholic and he wants to make it up to his boyfriend. When he gets home, Luke finds all his boyfriend's things gone and a note saying he is leaving for an opportunity to move forward with his art elsewhere.just as he lands the gallery show of a l An Mpreg Romance He swore he’d never date another artist, but what about the one who got away?Alpha Luke Carter is a successful lawyer, but after his last serious boyfriend left him on their anniversary, he’s turned into a workaholic. Barely making ends meet, he’s recently become homeless… When they run into each other at an art show, sparks fly.

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