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, a British tabloid newspaper, can refer to one of two things.

In some cases, this might be literally about political correctness taken too far, presented through a Granola Girl or Soapbox Sadie who embodies the negative aspects of the PC movement.

Along the same lines, a governmental authority (often a local council or Media Watchdog) is accused of being over-zealous to the point of parody in trying to avoid offense to minority groups - not unlike the Culture Police but in the other direction.

Certain words or phrases are said to have been "banned", as if, say, Chipping Sodbury Borough Council has any effective power over the English language or, indeed, .

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All of this is especially ironic, considering that Political Correctness took on its contemporary meaning when the radical left began using it as a self-aware joke about the intrusion of Academic (the capital "A" required) feminist and socialist argot into their everyday lives (not all leftists being necessarily socialists, much less feminists).

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