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In addition to being ideal for carrying small compact or mirror-less cameras, they are fantastic travel organisers, so you can keep all your vital stuff in one place.Die Marke congstar ist auch deutschlandweit in allen Telekom Shops vertreten.At Man Com, we’re not only adept at keeping your company linked together, we also keep you well connected to your clients, business partners, suppliers and the rest of the world.We can manage your internet connections service and will help you find the right level of service to meet your current and future needs.Die ausgezeichneten congstar Produkte congstar bietet Prepaid, den Wunschtarif zum selber mixen, Vertragstarife mit Handys sowie DSL & Festnetz an.Im Online Shop kann man sich über die gesamten congstar Produktpalette informieren.

Sometimes when travelling, you can have too many places to put all the important things like tickets, passports, boarding passes, so that when you need them, you can never find them – that’s when the Stowaways really come into their own.The 550 was the first production bag we made and it set the tone and style for all the others.It is still one of the largest in our range, and probably your first choice if you never want to worry about leaving something behind.Die Kunden in den Telekom Shops haben somit eine noch größere Auswahl vor Ort und eine kompetente Beratungsmöglichkeit direkt im Geschäft.Zur Pressemitteilung Sie möchten einen congstar Handyvertrag abschließen?

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