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She is also credited for starring in TV Azteca's Emperatriz as the main character, Emperatriz Jurado.

She is currently starring as character Fiscal Fernanda Montenegro in Siempre tuya Acapulco.

There have been rumors in the media about her being a lesbian.

Gabriela Španic was born as Gabriela Elena Španic Utrera on 10 December 1973 in Ortiz, Guarico State. Spanic has a twin sister who is a model and actress named Daniela Spanic. She also has a younger sister names Patriciaand a brother, Antonio. His father had moved to Venezuela with his parents in 1947 where he met Spanic’s mother who is a Venezuelan.

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She then went on to be seen in famous novellas La Usurpadora, Por Tu Amor, La Intrusa, Prisionera Tierra de Pasiones, Decisiones La otra cara del alma and Soy Tu Dueña.Her rivalry with Steffi Graf has created lots of buzz and news in the media as well as industry. Because of her remarkable talent and achievements, her net worth is very high, her exact earnings couldn’t be unknown as she has earnings from several sources. In those days she went through affairs, breakups, and torture faced by those relationships. Also, her news and activities are updated in her official sites as well as some social networking sites.She thinks that her fame and her public profile is one the reason she was not able to become world number one. But now, she says that she doesn’t want to have a boyfriend anymore and focus on her game and career only. More information about the beautiful and talented Gabriela can be found in her own website, and various social media sites like IMDB, Wikipedia and Facebook.Venezuelan actress GABRIELA SPANIC is four months pregnant with her first child.

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