Hipster speed dating brooklyn

She calls it “hipster speed dating” and defines it as a way to polish up the dating skills that online dating and social networking sites, such as Facebook, have helped to obliterate.

“I don’t think it’s better, but I do think it’s more fun,” Segal says.

“We don’t have too many rules or restrictions,” Testani says.

“Some people come with prepared questions and some wing it, but there is no rejection on the night of the event.” At the end of the evening, participants indicate on cards the people they would like to see again.

She says she liked speed dating because on her regular dates, she spent all of her time flirting.

Well, not right now; he just met someone online that he likes.But the JCCSF dropped Speed Dating in 2005 during its transition into a new building and a new level of programming.However, a national company called Hurry Date does hold speed-dating events for Jewish singles two or three times a month in San Francisco.Later, Hurry Date’s website notifies participants who expressed interest, and provides an online profile and photo.The Jewish singles events, Testani says, are the outfit’s most popular.

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