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Whether you’re bouldering (no rope) or using a harness and rope, indoor climbing is a great total-body workout to get strong and burn calories. Take your fitness to a whole new level with this intense 12-move full-body workout.

“Most movements in climbing are very controlled and fluid, therefore, we want to maximize muscle contractions and minimize the generation of momentum.” Designed by Swaine, this strength-building gym workout will target the core and back while also incorporating chest and triceps exercises to avoid muscle imbalances.

Beautiful, tropical grounds are the perfect setting for multiple pools, whirlpool spas and Gulf vistas.

And our two or three bedroom condominiums offer everything you've dreamed of in a beach vacation.

Curl the bell up to your chest quickly and slowly let the kettlebell down using a three-count tempo. Swiss Ball Pressup Sets: 2Reps: 14Get into a plank position with legs straight and forearms on a Swiss Ball.

Press your palms into the kettlebell as hard as possible and control the weight throughout the exercise. Raise hips and lean back into your heels while you press up onto your hands so you’re standing with your palms on the ball.

When you run water in the sink to brush your teeth or wash dishes, do you give plumbing a second thought?

Forearm Kettlebell Curl Sets: 3Reps: 12While standing in a staggered stance pick up a kettlebell with the handle facing away from you and squeezing the base of the kettlebell with your palms.

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The possibilities are virtually endless — play championship golf courses, go snorkeling, rent a kayak, parasail, surf, or fish the lakes and bayous. Or, you could just rent an umbrella and beach chair and take it easy. Call us today to book your two or three bedroom Orange Beach condo rentals, or you can book online. View the luxurious Orange Beach Alabama Resort now.

Single-leg Lever Sets: 2Reps: 8While in the bottom of a pullup position with your arms extended, lean back and raise your body up to a horizontal position with one leg extended and the other leg bent in to your chest. Slowly roll back out to a plank position so your forearms return to the ball.

Toe to Heel Leg Raise Sets: 2Reps: 14 (each side)While lying on your back, stack your right foot on top of your left so the heel of your right foot is on top of the toe of your left foot.

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