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“The way music is listened to and shared these days makes it a more challenging process.” On the subject of “challenging” how hard was it to write their third album? Because we have been working on the album in Ibiza it feels good to be off an island and in the big cities again.“It was really easy and perhaps more importantly also really enjoyable. “That said, we do have a tour around the UK, Japan and then the US underway so there isn’t much time to stop still for too long!“Well in all honesty I grew up listening to any old stuff on the radio so as a teenager it was Spice Girls, Take That but the first record I ever bought was the song Mr Vain by Euro Dance group Culture Beat.

The fun British pop duo The Ting Tings are probably best remembered for their catchy song "That's Not My Name" which had incredible success in 2008, but alive and still kicking today, the group has a few more secrets than just what their names might be (which are Katie White and Jules De Martino, for the record).Ibiza is synonymous with pulsating electronic music but when the British duo The Ting-Tings went to the Spanish island, they took inspiration not from the sweaty dance-floor but from the off-season oddities.The Ting-Tings had enjoyed runaway success with two New Wave-ish songs marked by sassy vocals and funky bass -- "That's Not My Name" and "Shut Up and Let Me Go" -- but after a lukewarm reception for their follow-up, they went to clear their heads in Ibiza's winter."It's quite a fascinating island because in-season it's known as one of the clubbing capitals.Says Katie, “ We were influenced by many of the artists we heard at The Mill and I think that helped shape the sound of The Ting Tings.” Where did they get the name from?“Ting Ting was the name of Chinese friend of mine and after a little research Jules and I found out it actually means “the sound of innovation on an open mind”, which was a pretty cool label for what we wanted to do so we went with it.” So was music something that you had always planned on pursuing a career in. Jules was in his first band at the age of 11 and so was I.

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