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One evening, Chase and Veronica were at a local discount store shopping for household goods.While Veronica got cleaning supplies, Chase wandered over to the Electronics department.There was a guy giving another guy with a huge cock a blow job.One part of Chase immediately wanted to look away and close the site in disgust.Watching the playback of the video he'd just made, he had to admit it was pretty hot. Chase had signed up for a gay amateur video sharing community a few days earlier.He posted his new video, the first and only clip on his page under his screen name so far –Hot Cock4U.Guys from all around the country and even two from Europe (one from London and the other from Paris) had left rave reviews about his glorious exploding cock.

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But if your wife doesn't know you're on here getting off with other sexy guys, next time you might wanna remove your wedding ring before filming yourself. In fact, he was hard again now just thinking about it. He'd been married to his wife Veronica for just over three years.They had a great sex life, but he was starting to get bored.Yet the part of him that was intrigued won out almost immediately as he clicked on various clips watching men kiss, give each other head, jerk each other off and engage in anal sex.Almost before he knew what had come over him, Chase had a full hard on.

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