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Riedels would serve the hamburgers out the back door. I'm Michael Hagler responding to the post by Sharon Winning. There were little grocery stores on both sides, the "Boys store" sold us many baseball cards (of course) and the "girls store" sold, I don't know, almost never went there.

Yes for you younger ones they were called drug stores and not Pharmacies. Is anyone out there that went to Morrison in the 60's? Like me, she mentioned being born in 1947 and attended Longfellow School Rock Jr. She also mentioned the name of Jack Theiss who was a classmate and friend in my homeroom class and other classes at Rock from 1959 to 1961. Kennedy who said her name sounded like 'Candy" and the beautiful Miss Mann who all us boys just adored. We played baseball, home plate was where the silo was that would allow us to slide down to the ground in the event of a fire.

Our 3rd grade teacher Miss Lynch was very beautiful and all of us boys waited for her every day at the front gate. Other 2 friends, Sharon and Eleanor Walls died too soon. Smith (Luster)Looking for the family of Mrs Mcmullin that taught at Clark Jr in the late 50's. devildog6468 at Kathleen Hamilton my grandfather owned the Hamilton drug on Bond Ave. After grandpa passed my grandma went to work for your dad.

We lived in the Lansdowne area at that time and my father insisted we travel as they did one hundred years ago. The market at 1600 block of College Ave was Johnsons Market. (dead in by the RR tracks) I knew Steve Touchette, he lived on 37th across from Jones Park. My mom's health became bad and I went to live with my Uncle Charles and Aunt Eve. I remember a Willy - who had a few brothers - and his sister (I think) Elsie. My grandfather attended mount tabor baptist church in centrevile... I am also trying to find a Donna Woods who lived on 47th st. Had 7 kids in the family, with one on the way, when we moved to Belleville. Ellsworths, Van Hooses, Blacks, Mays, Basses, and many other families. Mona would not hear of a growling tummy and Willie would supply the funding. My grandfather was an employee of a furniture store in the downtown area. Went to Fishers restaurant in Belleville to eat last night. I approve this message for those disillusioned enough to believe that we live in a hellhole. alfonso, William, levenia,felemeno,tommy Charles, maregurite William. their parents were Anna may rimmer and Nicholas claro . People are asking a lot of one can answer your question unless you give them your email address or phone number. What about Donnie Eddie, Donna Nichols, Judy Corvals, Margaret Davis; Robert Gill, Michawl Briley, Gwen Cooper, Shron Blaylock, Larry Club. He and Mickey Thaxton are remembered for their baseball talent at Assumption in the early 60s. I would love to hear from,anyone still around from this time. Please email me at [email protected] you have any information. I have wanted to return to visit, but most of the friends I knew, would probably never recognize or remember me. Anyone doing the nightclub scene back then should remember Brandywine or the Herde, even The God Squad. Louis Live Music Historical Society- Local Live Music in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's- for band pic's and info from the 1960/70's. Nobody had ever stood up for me before or since my first day in a public school. next to Hawthorne was Beyersdorfer's and the pharmacy across the street was Eisele's.

So we walked the whole five message downtown and back too! I went to Hawthorne and Lansdowne, we moved in 1973. I only lived there a few months but I remember playing in the street (dead end) I rode my bike with a family of 3 children. They had a Lumber Yard and used building supply place. I am reaching out to see if any one know my people.. / Margaret (Harney) Mc Atee and Ernest Touchette / Jean (Wallace) Touchette. Then Sharon Goosby who used to seat in front of me in the art room and talk but I was the one who got call on. I left many years ago and still have memories around those years. Mom and Dad bought the house new when they had their first child. After growing out of the house, my dad built one in a new subdivision, on Highwood Dr., off 161, in west Belleville, and my life change forever-houses were farther apart, not as many kids. I was going into 7th grade, and missed my old friends. (My dear neighborhood friend, Debbie Ellsworth-I never saw her again, and missed her terribly-although I did see her brother, Harold, from time to time, when he came to hang out with my brothers.) Went to St. May you all find peace where ever your perfect selves call home. We don't worry about police brutality, driving while black, crime or roving gangs in our commuinity. And maybe you would know Katy Brown and Nate Grady graduated East Side 1957. I'm sure that you can get the answers that you want if you leave your contact information. My mom (wanda) lived on Mullanphy st near 25th and my dad worked in corner market. HE had an aunt that lived in the apartment complex not far from market and close to cass ave. Faye Black, Frnces Dr[pron, Linda Barbeau, Vicki Edsall, Joyce Campanella, Ruth Ann Bateman, June Fields, Connie Kimball, Please if anyone knows where any of the following peoples are let us know. Louis Il my parents had a grocery store at 49 Caseyville ave and later on Kingshighway I went to Holy Angles School and ninth grade at landsdown Jr High after WW11 operated a bakery at 31st and Summit Ave until 1955 and then moved to Fairview Hgts my oldest daughter went to st. Charlie was one of the toughest guys I've ever known. I spent two years at Up of Alabama, graduated from Washington U with a BSN in 1946. My name is Reginald Graham, brother to Rodney (Rock) Graham. We used to live on 75th Street and moved to 25th State, before we left ESL... I also remember not wanting to say the 'F' word and avoided doing so by saying 'Flux-ya' when necessary. If you don't mind I'd like to hear from you about any memories of working with him, the store and East St. You can post them on this site or contact me via email at [email protected] Bill- the drug store at 33rd and State was Eisele pharmacy until about 1960. Used to stop there after school at Clark and use the coke machine. My sister went ot Holy Rosary and then we went to Canteen grade school. Hawthorne and these businesses shared the corner of 37th and Caseyville Ave. It is hard to go back home for most everyone, things are not the same no matter where you came from.

Lived mostly in apartments on Missouri Avenue, attended Webster Public School 1952-1957. Dad worked at Swift Packing Plant, good union work, and I remember Jones Park very well. I asked for solutions, he started the remedy for my health, he sent me the medicine through COURIER POST.

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