Marquee validating w3c rules for texting and online datingsocial networks

Your page should look similar across all of the major browsers — Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.It may look better in certain browsers due to the quality of their support for various standards, but it should be your goal to get your design looking decent in all of them.

If you can, test your pages in a text-only browser too, like » Lynx.

W3C HTML5 validator error: An body start tag seen but an element of the same type was already open I post this question because I’m having some errors with the w3c validator in my page (Link to validation).

It outputs me a lot of strange errors related with my HTML 5 markup, being this the main err W3C validation for error I have been trying to look for a solution for this W3C HTML validation error for more than I should be.

While at the end of the 90s the trend was to use hacks and lots of presentational markup to have your site looking comparable across browser versions, this practice is not advisable anymore.

Use CSS to pretty-up your pages for readers with capable browsers, but don't fill your code with lots of extraneous tags just to service the users of old browsers (while dumping a large filesize and compatibility penalty on those with a modern browser).

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