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A Caring Hand helps bereaved children and families in grief, offering services to help them with their emotional journey and financial assistance to aid their future education.

With 50% of inner city youth experiencing the unexpected death of a close relative or friend, that’s a mission worth supporting.

Helen’s comprehensive advice stems from her understanding of where love and chemistry come from in the first place. Specialties: Certified Dating & Relationship Coach As the CDO of Rewarding Relationships, Maya Ezaratti wants to help you find a great love in your life!

Once you can access that confidence you can have anything you want in life. Saida is a gem of a human being and a brilliant example of the possibilities that are available to us.Katherine understands the common problems women face within themselves and the fallacies we feed ourselves. Dave Elliott offers strategies to obtain the kind of fulfilling and loving relationship we all desire via coaching, public speaking and CD programs.He has been on many news broadcasts spreading his important message on relationships and dating. Abiola is a goddess spirit that can help invoke the goddess within you and with that knowledge, the sky’s the limit.when it comes to dating, love, matchmaking, relationships and so much more.As you know we are dedicated to providing good content to the public, so our team will do the hard work for you. After watching countless videos from breaking dating myths to where to meet men that are looking to get married, April knows best.

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