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The prize each month is a mystery - sometimes it might be a salt and pepper shaker set, other times it might be a new gaming rig* Sim City 4 Christo J. Rensburg Kyle Lancaster Christopher Maynard Adrian du Toit DC Vermeulen necessarily Jaded Gamers - On the other side of the spectrum are the jaded gamers; nothing impresses these folks, all they can see is the negative side of CAPTION OF THE MONTH new age gaming INTERNET: WEBMASTERS: James Francis | Errol Enslin Ziv Unger inbox le TT er of T he momen T W e l l done to the l e t t e r of t h e month w i n n e r - your Electronic Arts game and T-shirt will arrive shortly. Cheats 9 People say games like GTA3 and Diablo are all good games, right?

Now let me ask you (and all the readers out there) what is the point of making a game or even playing a game from scratch if you are going to use cheats? Diablo - You can use the duplicating cheat to double the currency that you possess, correct?

Problem: Trying to sort out the English from the Greek can often bring a tear to the eye, especially when a deadline looms.

Word Count Junkies - These reviewers equate their worth on how many pages they'll be given for any specific games.

z a March 2003 | Volume 5 Issue 12 SA Edition R 35.00 (Incl.) C O N T E N T S FEATURES 18 80 92 Play Station SA Interview Hardcore Mouse Roundup Unreal Tournament 2003: Level Editing PREVIEWS 38 42 42 44 46 50 52 Freelancer Tropico 2: Pirate Cove Blitzkrieg Knight Shift Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners Hannibal PC REVIEWS Sim City 4 Scrabble 2003 Project Nomads Star Trek: Starfleet Command III Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 Elder Scrolls 3: Tribunal 56 60 62 64 66 67 Ed’s Note Inbox Domain of The_Basilisk Freeloader Role Playing Anime Lazy Gamer’s Guide: PC Case za PC News Console News Technology News The Awards Competition: Splinter Cell & TOCA Race Driver Subscriptions The Web Leisure Reviews - Music & DVDs Send Off 6 8 10 11 12 14 16 20 26 30 34 54 61 79 94 96 98 REGULARS Creative Card Cam Value Creative PC-Cam 550 Logitech Game Cube Force Feedback Wheel Game Cube Wavebird Logitech z-640 speakers Logitech MOMO Force Feedback Wheel Hey-Ban Flat Speaker System Shuttle XPC Creative I-trigue 2.1 Speakers A-Open H600B Computer Housing A-Open Sound Activated Fluorescent Lamp Mouse Bungee 86 86 87 87 87 88 88 89 89 90 90 90 HARDWARE CONSOLE REVIEWS Tekken 4 (PS2) WRC II Extreme (PS2) The Simpsons Skateboarding (PS2) WWE Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth (PS2) X-Men: Next Dimension (PS2) Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly (PS2) Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 (PS2) Resident Evil: Code Veronica X (PS2) Legion: Legend of Excalibur (PS2) Metroid Fusion (GBA) Monster Force (GBA) Spyro: Season of Ice (GBA) Spyro 2: Season of Flame (GBA) Super Mario Sunshine (GCN) Mario Party 4 (GCN) NFS Hot Pursuit 2 (XBox) SSX Tricky (XBox) This month’s cover: Tekken 4 - Go to page 68 now!

Before I start this I guess I should say that none of the below applies to any of the NAG reviewers. Glory Seekers - this type will diligently play the game from beginning to end but they have an agenda, to slag off the game based on how popular it is and/or how much advertising the title has received all in the name of being resistant to marketing hype and making sure everyone knows it.

To compensate for this get the April issue - make sure you read the box entitled 'Next Month', there be juicy stuff there.

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Plagiarizers - this is the worst kind of writer, after spending a few minutes with a title they decide they hate it and then only play the game for a few hours after which they read a few other reviews of the same game and then proceed to write the review.

There - now that the compulsory disclaimer is in place I can start the slamming… Lately there is a trend developing in the game reviewing discipline, an annoying trend that doesn't seem to be going away… I've been reading game reviews since game reviews were first written. As far as I can determine, I wrote the first game review [screenshots taken with a camera aimed at my Commodore Amiga monitor] in South Africa. Problem: Their loss of perspective isn't fair on the game being reviewed. Cheaters - The first thing they do when receiving a new title is to look for cheats, quickly finishing the game thinking all they need to do is pay a little special attention to the boss characters, the end-of-game weapon and the level design of the last mission.

I expect I can speak with some authority on this subject because a. They then think this is enough to comment on the whole title.

Problem: Always trying to justify why a B-Grade title needs a three page review.

There are many other types but these all fall into sub-categories under the above examples.

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