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Similar to La Veyan Satanism, the Satanic Temple is an atheistic organization, and does not believe in a literal Satan, though some of its members are theistic Satanists.

Unlike La Veyans, however, the Satanic Temple rejects the supernatural entirely.

They believe every person is their own god and that everyone should worship themselves.

To them, "Satan" is a symbol of rebellion rather than a literal figure; they do not worship Satan any more than Buddhists worship Buddha.

In Sweden, where the process of Christianization lasted into the second millennium AD, there is evidence that Satan received a degree of popular worship into the early modern era as an ambivalent or even benign spirit of nature, possibly the result of the Judeo-Christian figure blending with traces of local pagan deities.

For example, in 1739 a Swedish fisherman named Mickel Kalkström remarked that he prayed to the Devil for help in his pursuit, believing that God had little or no power over fish.

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However, there have been a few branches of religious belief which involve the worship of Satan.

Luciferians do not see their acts as rebellion, but rather are motivated by their own merits.

Luciferians put more emphasis on the balance of light and dark.

He concludes that, while it is unlikely that there was an organised cult of devil-worship in Sweden at the time, there were people who could be termed Satanists.

Like most religions, there are a variety of beliefs, but a few precepts are generally observed by most Satanists.

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