Sex acts caught on hidden camera

It happened over in New Jersey (lol of course) where a guy called Richard Weiner was selling his house through an estate agent/realtor called Coldwell Banker and dealing with estate agents Robert Lindsay and Jeannemarie Phelan.

If requested we would assist fully with any police investigation.' What next?

Video is far more reliable in disproving rape than friendly text messages or having witnesses confirm the girl was flirting with you in the bar before the sexual encounter.

In many states, recording hidden video Two college students in New Mexico had a gang rape charge against them dropped earlier this year after they turned over video of the reported victim giving lap dances in her underwear and grabbing a man’s crotch.

If rape hysteria doesn’t taper down in the USA soon, I’m afraid it will begin spreading outside of the Anglo world.

Not only will we be required to have bedroom hidden cameras, but even dashcam-style cameras we wear when speaking with women in public locations to prevent accusations of sexual harassment.

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