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EW: Oh Aeden, how are you supposed to represent an advanced AI if you can’t do basic math? My drives are to best serve you and all guests visiting Westworld. EW: Do you want to come over and watch Netflix with me? She told The Times: “I typed in ‘Who’s your best friend?

The only solution I could think of was to utilize the Facebook Graph API with the Facebook Messenger HTML5 Webviews. I asked the user to login to their Facebook account within a Webview and use their Chatbot application as Redirect URI.

chatbot host named “Aeden” to promote Sunday’s premiere of the eagerly anticipated sci-fi artificial intelligence drama.

“Ask me anything about your stay,” the virtual Aeden tells us.

However it’s enough to get a list of the user’s friends also using the same app, which was my requirement.

During the conversational flow, the user is encouraged to invite other friends to use the Chatbot.

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