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The SV is renowned for its neutral ergonomics, which we were keen to maintain.While the GSX-R clip-ons could have killed the 650's upright riding position, clip-on risers from recently-defunct Swatt Inc. Custom-length braided stainless-steel brake lines from Galfer compensate for the added bar height while contributing to a firmer feel at the blue-and-gold Pazzo adjustable levers.The improvements in control and stability are enough to encourage some seriously hooligan behavior.We tapped into the GSX-R lineup to fix the SV's back end as well.Eight magnets on the rotor and a hall-effect sensor now provide the electrical signal for the speedometer, and Scott Anderson of Aztec 8 makes brackets to hang the SV's instruments and trademark round headlight and bikini fairing.

The GSX-R front end was easy to install, but left some details to be sorted out.Although riders had been begging for one for years, hopes of an up-spec SV650R were dashed when Suzuki introduced the 99 Gladius in 2009, simultaneously cutting the unfaired SV650N from the lineup and leaving the 99 fully faired SV650S as the sole bearer of the name.After road-testing the Gladius (MC, August 2009), we lamented Suzuki's decision to give the SV a makeover without attending to its suspension and brakes-its only real weaknesses.Suzuki has sold untold thousands of SV650 motorcycles since the model's inception in 1999, and for good reason.Its sub-00 price tag, tractable V-twin motor, light handling and neutral ergonomics attracted newbies like moths to a flame.

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