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However, Alexa's routines are limited to smart home controls, traffic, weather and news, meaning you can't play an audiobook or start music streaming with a routine.

For Google Home, however, a compromise has arrived, flying in under the radar in a minor update this week.

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Routines, which are coming to Google Home in the future, will fix this issue by allowing users to group multiple commands together under a custom phrase -- not unlike routines on Alexa.

While Routines are still nowhere to be found, you can issue up to two commands to Google Home at once.

You can say something like, "OK, Google, turn on the TV and what's the weather?

- Bugfix: Verimatrix IPTV DRM did not work in some cases on models with Verimatrix IPTV DRM support.

- Bugfix: DVB icons loading/updating did not work in some cases.

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