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THC: Japan and Tokyo specifically are notoriously expensive.

What places would you recommend for travelers with a limited budget that want to seduce Japanase girls?

Mark: Japanese women positive qualities are: Most of them are low maintenance.

They are better in bed than most of other Asian girls I’ve been to. They take care of their bodies better than western women. Once you’ve hooked to a Japanese girl, you will never want to date any other women.

You can find good deals on hotels at but the best deals are always in Japanese. Bars and clubs can be expensive entrance fee to and drinks average of to no need for tipping.

You can also stay at capsule hotels, but they only allow one person per capsule (your 2.5m x 1.0 m room) impossible to pull girls to these places. THC: Do you have any final words of wisdom for guys who want to come to Japan?

Japanese negative points: They are very childish sometimes. Japanese girls don’t trim or shave their pubic hair.

I can’t wait to complete my scouting trip with a longer stay and rack up some cute Japanese girls.I speak several languages and suffer from insomnia. I left a well paying job, stuck in a miserable office to go out and see the world. Girls from Osaka are more outgoing than girls from Tokyo. How do Japanese women compare to other Asian girls? Mark: Japanese girls in general are better in bed than most Asian girls I’ve been to.I’ve had Thai, Filipino, Chinese, Singapore, Korean, Indonesian, Malay and Korean.

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