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Before we dive in, though, you need to know what browser you're using and which version. If you're using an older version of your browser (such as Internet Explorer 8), it might not have the features you need to run without Flash.

You should always keep your browser updated to get the latest security and features.

I'll cover Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari, in that order.

In Firefox, click the Settings button (it's the icon on the right with three horizontal lines) and click the "Add-ons" icon.

Unfortunately for Flash, technology moves on and most of what it does can now be done using other better and safer ways.

That's good for us though, because Adobe Flash is becoming one of the biggest threats to your computer's security.

Keeping Flash updated helps, but each time a new hack is discovered it can take Adobe a few days to a few weeks to fix some bugs, leaving you exposed for some period of time.

So even if you are cautious where you visit and you are diligent in keeping your system updated, I'm sorry to tell you that you can still be vulnerable.

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Click the "Request the HTML5 player" button so You Tube will always try that first.You should also make sure Adobe Flash is up to date.We aren't completely ditching it yet, and if it's on your computer, it needs to be current so hackers can't use it to attack you. One of the most popular uses for Flash is for online videos; You Tube built its entire business around Flash videos.In this activity students compare different algorithms to sort weights in order.We are currently updating the CS Unplugged content and website, click here to preview.

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