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The Valley is crossed by the Verzasca river, it is dammed at the southernly outlet of the Valley, forming the Lago di Vogorno, before it flows in the Magadino plain in the vicinity of the Ticino River in the Lago Maggiore.

Located between the Leventina and the Valle Maggia valleys, Valle Verzasca extends over a length of 25 kilometres (16 mi) in north–south direction, and is situated in the north of the Lago Maggiore.

In Berzona, a locality (frazione) of Vogorno, a carved rock known as a Sass di Striöi (literally: witches stone) is situated on a hiking trail.

A shell rock most likely dating from around 600–700 BC; there are about 90 such carved rocks in the Verzasca Valley.

The Valle Verzasca is a valley in the Locarno district of the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland.

It comprises the municipalities of Mergoscia, Vogorno, Corippo, Lavertezzo, Brione, Gerra, Frasco, and Sonogno. Mergoscia is at the geographical center of the Ticino, and none of the passes out of the valley cross cantonal or national borders.

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